WallNotes (Wallpaper Notes)

Freeware note / to-do list tool for MS Windows

 *** We listen to your suggestions & wishes about our software, write us ! ***

This software is a lightweight tool to take notes (post-it like) and attach them on your Windows wallpaper (with adjustable transparency). Notes will stay on your wallpaper even when you quit the program, this makes the note-taking solution quite lightweight and stable.
Although there are many note-taking software, we believe none of them offer similar functionality.

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10.

User Forum (discuss new features , give your feedback, ask questions)

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  • Fast & simple user interface
  • Windows tray integration (minimizes to bottom right corner)
  • Adjustable transparency
  • Colored boxes (next to note items)
  • Word-wrap
  • Notes stay on the wallpaper even  when you quit the app
  • FX economic calendar
  • Adjustable position & size
  • Runs on Windows  7 / 8 / 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • And many more features to come according to your ideas, write us what you need
  • News are gathered from investing.com
  • Give it a few seconds during first launch, so that it can gather news, it will update news every 4 hours (you can change the interval)
  • Window is mimized to tray when you close the app. You can use “quit when closed” function, if you don’t want it working at the background, but you would need to manually launch it every time in order to update news.
  • Make sure you change your wallpapers through this application, so that it will take care of those transparent boxes automatically. (Included a few wallpapers to your taste and you can use your own picture files, keep in mind that they will be stretched to the size of screen*)
  • Much appreciated any feedback
  • v1.2
    – Added forexfactory as FX news source
    – It can now display FX actual/previous/forecast values
    – Option to filter the news today only
    – Added automatic FX news export (CSV data)
  • v1.1 – Time limit bug fix
  • v0.9 – Several bug fixes
  • v0.8 – First release

Download Wallnotes (Wallpaper notes)

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