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 *** We listen to your suggestions & wishes about our software, write us ! ***

This software is a simple & lightweight tool to view your picture files,  with many customizable keyboard shortcuts. Although there are many picture viewers, we believe none of them come close in the perspective of customization, simplicity, speed.   Maybe only the older versions of ACD See. Our developpers loved ACDSee and decided to make a good alternative to it since it turned a *memory hog*  & so slow now with too many unnecessary features for a viewer.  Most of other viewers unfortunately are going down the same road.  That is why we still needed a new picture viewer. Maverick Photo Viewer can easily replace Windows Photo Viewer by integrating itself with Windows Shell. You can convert pictures into differrent formats (36 formats are supported)   Default keyboard shortcuts are the same as good old ACD See ones and fully configurable.

User Manual (including tips on how to leverage Maverick if you are a professional photographer)

User Forum (discuss new features , give your feedback, ask questions)

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  • Fast & simple user interface
  • Supports  36 image file formats
  • Windows shell integration (open directly from Windows Explorer)
  • File format converter  (“save as” feature)
  • Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts 
  • Fullcreen startup feature (It can directly start in fullscreen mode when it is set)
  • Resizer (to standard 2160, 1080, 720 px heights and custom height with one keystroke)
  • Gamma/Brightness/Contrast changer (possible to save changes or return to original)
  • Set as wallpaper” feature (changes wallpaper with one click)
  • Save as favicon” feature (saves any picture into 32×32 ICO format, for webmasters)
  • Unlimited zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Two viewing modes: fit-to-window (resizable window) or original size
  • EXIF info displayer (photo camera settings data & more)
  • Rotation (90° clockwise or counterclockwise), Flip vertical/horizontal
  • Drag & drop (just drag the image file & drop on the window to view)
  • Sorting by date, size or simply name
  • Runs on Windows  7 / 8 / 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • And many more features to come according to your ideas, write us what you need
  • BMP – Windows or OS/2 Bitmap File (*.BMP)
  • CUT – Dr. Halo (*.CUT)
  • DDS – DirectDraw Surface (*.DDS)
  • EXR – ILM OpenEXR (*.EXR)
  • FAXG3 – Raw Fax format CCITT G3 (*.G3)
  • GIF – Graphics Interchange Format (*.GIF)
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range (*.HDR)
  • ICO – Windows Icon (*.ICO)
  • IFF – Amiga IFF (*.IFF *.LBM)
  • J2K – JPEG-2000 codestream (*.J2K *.J2C)
  • JNG – JPEG Network Graphics (*.JNG)
  • JP2 – JPEG-2000 File Format (*.JP2)
  • JPEG – Independent JPEG Group (*.JPG *.JIF *.JPEG *.JPE)
  • JXR – JPEG XR image format (*.JXR *.WDP *.HDP)
  • KOALA – Commodore 64 Koala format (*.KOA)
  • MNG – Multiple Network Graphics (*.MNG)
  • PBM – Portable Bitmap (ASCII) (*.PBM)
  • PBMRAW – Portable Bitmap (BINARY) (*.PBM)
  • PCD – Kodak PhotoCD (*.PCD)
  • PCX – Zsoft Paintbrush PCX bitmap format (*.PCX)
  • PFM – Portable Floatmap (*.PFM)
  • PGM – Portable Graymap (ASCII) (*.PGM)
  • PGMRAW – Portable Graymap (BINARY) (*.PGM)
  • PICT – Macintosh PICT (*.PCT *.PICT *.PIC)
  • PNG – Portable Network Graphics (*.PNG)
  • PPM – Portable Pixelmap (ASCII) (*.PPM)
  • PPMRAW – Portable Pixelmap (BINARY) (*.PPM)
  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop (*.PSD)
  • RAS – Sun Rasterfile (*.RAS)
  • RAW – RAW camera image (*.RAW)
  • SGI – Silicon Graphics SGI image format (*.SGI)
  • TARGA – Truevision Targa files (*.TGA *.TARGA)
  • TIFF – Tagged Image File Format (*.TIF *.TIFF)
  • WBMP – Wireless Bitmap (*.WBMP)
  • WEBP – Google WebP image format (*.WEBP)
  • XBM – X11 Bitmap Format (*.XBM)
  • v1.5.2 (August 4, 2016) – Several bug fixes
  • v1.5.1 (January 13, 2016)   EXIF info is now colorized/highlighted (Exposure/Shutter speed/ISO etc in different colors), Gamma/Brightness/Contrast adjustment levels are now displayed on the screen, added alternative(secondary) Next/Previous photo customizable keyboard shortcuts, Big TIFF & 48 bit formats can be displayed now
  • v1.5 (January 4, 2016)   added EXIF info displayer, resizer, gamma/brightness/contrast changer/convert to gray scale features, set as wallpaper, save as favicon features and more customizable hotkeys (* now a lot more capable for professional photographers as well, more features to come )
  • v1.4 (January 2, 2016) – Several bug fixes
  • v1.3 (December 30, 2015) – Added sample photos
  • v1.2 – Web site release
  • v1.1 – Added “Rotate” and “Save as” (format convertion)  features
  • v1.0 – First release


Download Maverick Photo Viewer


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