Watch & record TV on your computer

“DVB Dream” is a Windows software used with PC tuner add-ons. (PCI or USB devices that you plug in to your computer). You can watch free-to-air tv or your paid subscription digital satellite, cable or terrestrial TV through your computer . You can also schedule recordings or record live any TV show with high quality which you cannot find on internet. With help of DVB Dream software, you can watch & record more than one TV channel at the same time.

There are many USB & PCI digital satellite receivers which we recommend, these provide you thousands of channels, compared to hundreds or tens of TV channels terrestrial and cable receivers provide. A satellite transponder can deliver high quality HD TV content and many channels on the same frequency. And they have a broad coverage. You could watch television channels of other countries. For example, while sitting in germany, you could watch brazilian or japanese tv stations. With help of a satellite receiver add-on , you can even use satellite internet (satellite broadband) through a satellite dish. Such setup provides you more options and fun than watching netflix movies or bad quality internet tv streams (which are very limited).

An example USB TV Tuner stick to plug in to computer is below (more suitable for laptops). This one is for DVB-T2 (Terrestrial) broadcasts use with an usual indoor or outdoor antenna.

Below an example PCI Express TV Tuner card to plug in to computer .
(suitable for desktop computers). This one is for DVB-S2 (Satellite) broadcasts to use with a dish antenna.


Where to find hardware (tuner devices):
We recommend “Genpix” for USA/Canada users  and “TBS” cards for the other parts of the world. But there are many other manufacturers as well. The list at the left side of this page gives you the names of other manufacturers.

Software to use:
DVB Dream ( for Windows


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Maverick Photo Viewer v1.5 is released

Here are the changes (btw thanks for feedbacks, waiting for more.)

v1.5 (January 4, 2015)

  • added EXIF info displayer
  • resizer
  • gamma/brightness/contrast changer
  • convert to gray scale features
  • set as wallpaper
  • save as favicon feature
  • more customizable hotkeys (* now a lot more capable for professional photographers as well )

Now a simple manual is available to show how to utilize Maverick with all keyboard shortcuts explained:

Click here to download


Maverick Photo Viewer Manual

I’m not quite sure that Maverick needs a manual since it is simple &  intuitive enough. I’ll try to explain some important points here.

How to open & display picture files / file associations

Maverick doesn’t have an “open file dialog” or a “file menu”. You basically click on picture files or drag & drop them onto Maverick window. It simply integrates itself & replaces Windows Photo Viewer by settings file associations  to itself. So you would simply click on photo files to view them in anywhere on Windows.   If you somehow lose file associations you can  easily re-assign them by clicking the related button in Maverick options.  You might need some other programs to handle specific formats, instead of Maverick. For example, PSD files could only be handled using installed Photoshop. You could simply remove the tick from PSD format in file associations/shell integration settings in Maverick options.

Keybaord Shortcuts

Maverick is really useful if you get used to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse operations. You can fully customize shortcuts (hotkeys) to your like. Here aree the default shortcuts set by Maverick:

  • SPACE Next picture
  • Previous picture
  • HOME/END The First/Last photo in the folder
  • ENTER – Toggle Fullscreen/Window mode
  • + , –  (on numeric keyboard)   Zoom in / zoom out
  • / (on numeric keyboard)  Show in original size
  • * (on numeric keyboard)  Fit window (Resizes picture size to fit window/screen)
  • N File info (displays picture resolution , file path, format etc)
  • F6 , F7   Rotate left, Rotate right
  • ESC  Quit Maverick
  • DEL – Delete file (Asks for a confirmation)
  • F, SHIFT+L  Flip horizontal, flip vertical  *see below (1)
  • J / K / L , P  Resize to 2190, 1080, 720 height or custom size,  *see below (1)
  • CTRL +, -, /   Adjust gamma (Increase, decrease, original)  *see below (1)
  • SHIFT +, -, /   Adjust brightness (Increase, decrease, original)  *see below (1)
  • ALT +, -, /   Adjust contrast (Increase, decrease, original)  *see below (1)
  • G  Convert to gray scale  *see below (1)
  • O  Reload original
  • CTRL + S  Save file in place
  • CTRL + W Save as or Convert to another format
  • SHIFT + W Set as wallpaper
  • CTRL + C  Copy file path to clipboard
  • CTRL + O  Show Options
  • CTRL + 1 Sort by name
  • CTRL + 2 Sort by date
  • CTRL + 3 Sort by size
  • R  Toggle sort direction
  • M  Popup menu

(1) User needs to save the modifications (except rotation) manually either with CTRL+S (Save) or CTRL+W (Save as)

How to leverage Maverick, if you are a professional or hobby photographer

Maverick has some basic functionality to test how your photo looks in different picture settings.   This allows to see the results of basic operations like gamma/brightness/contrast adjustments on the fly in viewer screen, you can preview  by using CTRL/SHIFT/ALT  + ,  –  keys  or return to default picture by simply O key. You can test how your photo looks in gray scale &  different resolutions , for example on 2190p UHD, 1080p and 720p HD screen resolutions or your custom defined resolution on the fly by using J/K/L /P  keyboard shortcuts. If you like what you see , simply save it by using CTRL+S (Save) or CTRL+W (Save as) .  Until you save the picture, you could always reload the original image with O key.   You can view EXIF metadata (usually set by  camera) to decide which camera configuration works best for you, by simly using N keyboard shortcut.

We recommend you to use Maverick Photo Viewer in fullscreen.


Write us if you need more features or if you have any questions



Our new Windows program: “Maverick Photo Viewer” is released

Maverick is a simple & handy tool to view picture files. It is a perfect replacement for Windows Photo Viewer, since integrates itself with Windows shell. You can display about 36 image file formats , convert & save them to other formats.

We value users ideas & suggestions , so write us how we should develop this software , what features we should add to make it more useful.

Click here for details & download